Video Features New Technology, Beautiful Results

In our business, seeing is believing.  To understand how much we can do for our customers,  see for yourself what we do and how we do it.  Our website home page now features a new video that showcases our best work and the latest technology we use to produce creative pop signs and banners.


In just under 90 seconds, you'll see the variety of signage we create at Alltype, and our amazing printers and digital die cutter in action.  Our new 5' x 10' digital die cutter plays a starring role.   Watch it produce custom decals and magnets along the conveyor belt.  


Another "star" is standee Adam Levine, who emerges from our multi-cut digital die cutter with a durable double wing easel back to stand proudly in our facility.


Double-sided boulevard banners appear on our large format printer. You can read more about banners in our latest blog.


The video production took some advance planning, but the process was pretty simple. We mapped out everything, then a videographer came to our shop in Framingham and filmed for two hours.  We gave him shots of our vehicle graphics and wraps and our work at the Natick Mall, including the Tiffany and Wasabi restaurant wall murals, elevator door wraps and escalator signage . Before the day was over, we reviewed the raw footage and responded with a few suggestions. 


Start to finish, it took only three weeks to have an edited and professionally produced video to share with our website visitors!


There are many ways to let your customers understand what sets you apart from your competition.  Of course, signage is a key differentiator.  But we've learned that a professional video can also help people see the quality of our work. If you want to learn more about our experience, we welcome your questions.  Give us a call at 508-620-0202 or send a quick email to me at