Magnetic Messages Stick Around

March, 2015

Big or small, magnets offer an inexpensive option to advertise your message. 

On the side of a truck or car, magnets from Alltype Digital Graphics serve as mobile billboards for your business. And when you’re parked or on a job, your vehicle continues to advertise to anyone passing by. Stuck in Boston-area traffic? Give your fellow drivers something to look at and remember. Include your contact information, and you’ve got a business card on wheels.

On a smaller scale, magnets cut to any shape create eye-catching decorations on an office file cabinet or refrigerator. The precision machinery in our Framingham operation can create any shape you can dream up, in any quantity.

There are serious variations in magnet quality in the marketplace. You won’t find vehicle magnets from Alltype Digital Graphics flying off and littering the road. Given New England’s challenging weather conditions, we know only the best magnetic material will meet your needs. Thick and durable, our magnets give you a professional look – they won’t wrinkle, bubble or fade.  We know how to make your message stick.