Digital Die-Cutting: A Better, Faster Way to Create Eye-Popping Signage

We knew we were on to something when we added our digital die-cutter to our list of equipment. But we had no idea how instantly popular it would become. In just a short time, it has risen to the top of our "go-to" technology, when our clients need exceptional signage that makes their customers take notice.

The secret of this remarkable machine's success is the ability to cut any sign to the size or shape you want. No more squares or rectangles surrounded by white space. Want a life-size cut-out of a celebrity? Not a problem -- see the image to right. No, folks, that's not really Adam Levine of NBC's "The Voice." It's a life-size image printed directly on the board, cut to the shape of the Maroon 5 lead singer's body.

Another reason for the popularity of this precision instrument is its ability to cut through virtually any substrate from vinyl to gatorboard. Making gentle round cuts for window decals is just as easy as cutting out a replica of Madonna or making those unique brochure holders we featured on our blog. 


Best of all, there are no minimums. You can order one or your can order 50. Each piece is unique and, because we do everything in-house, the turnaround is surprisingly quick.


We find new ways of using this incredibly versatile piece of technology every day. If you are interested in learning more about how using a digital die-cutter for your retail POP signs can help your products stand out and your sales increase, give us a call or come visit us at our Framingham location.


We would love to show you the amazing benefits of our digital die-cutter along with the rest of Alltype's equipment.


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